Graphic Specifications (Macintosh Only)
Customer Supplied Media
100MB Zip Disk
Compact Disk 5.25" Media
Download/Upload via FTP (transfer to our FTP, credentials available upon request)
Up to 2MB files can be emailed
Design Department Capabilities
Software: Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe Photoshop CS2/QuarkXpress 6.0
Standard Procedures:
All images must be at least 350 DPI or higher for high resolution quality printing.  Graphics or logos pulled from a web site are typically 72 DPI and will not render well in the printing process.
CR80 card size is: 3.375"x2.125". Please includes a 1/8" bleed past the edges and crop marks or guides.

If printing spot colors, please indicate specific PMS numbers.

Include all graphic support files along with all screen and printer fonts. If Illustrator files, convert to outlines.  A PDF should be sent along with the art files to be used as a quality control guide during the proofing and pre-press process.

Please keep all copy 1/8" away from final cut size to keep from cutting off during trimming.

We cannot accept art files rendered in programs like WordPerfect, Word, Publisher, etc.  These applications are not graphic programs and cannot be used for typesetting or pre-press design.
Standard Procedures:
Additional design charges may be incurred if supplied files are not compatible with printing processes.
Extra costs including multiple electronic proofs, hard copy proofs, film and freight will be billed separately.

Please allow 3-4 business days for turnaround time on proofing from the time we receive useable art files.  An electronic PDF proof will be sent via email to customer contact unless otherwise specified.

We do not keep archived copies of any art.
After all proofs have been signed and dated by the customer, design work will advance into the pre-press/scheduling department where final ship dates are assigned (determined by job specs).

Not responsible for customer or design errors. Clients are responsible for payment of additional charges incurred for any and all services rendered. If, at your request, changes are made to your files, you will be charged computer and operator time at current standard rates. We are not responsible for any damages, direct or consequential. Please note that electronic disks and cartridges will not be returned unless specified in writing by client. 3/06/08

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