Data Specifications (IBM Only)
Data is accepted data via the following:
3.5" floppy disk, ZIP Disk (100 or 250 MB), Compact Disk, DVD, Flash card
E-mail or FTP transfers (Contact us for FTP credentials.)
For secure data, we accept PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encrypted files. Our public key is available for your use in encrypting the data file.
Zipped files are also accepted. (WinZip)

*If data files are password protected, please make all necessary information available when the file(s) are sent.

Data format: IBM, ASCII DOS text (Characters #32 - #126)

SPECIAL NOTE: We do not recommend using EXCEL spreadsheets.

Record structure: Fixed length fields (All columns line up). Each record must end with a carriage return/line feed (Hexidecimal: 0A0D).

Proofing: Data will be proofed to you for verification prior to personalization of your cards. The first and last record will be proofed. The proof may include sequence numbers, encoding data, version name, record count and layout of data. Your data is proofed to insure accuracy of file, data and/or version use. A signature approval on the Numbering Proof will be required to begin production.

Test Cards: If your project includes barcodes or magnetic stripe encoding, we require sign off on "testcards." These test cards are typically the first five cards of the data file.

CAUTION!!! E-mail transmission of data through the internet is NOT secure! While most data is of no use until it's activated, please be aware e-mail may be held on servers worldwide for unspecified amounts of time. We can provide our public PGP public key for data encryption, please contact our Customer Service or our IT department to obtain our The most secure method of data transfer is physical media. Please send a disk via Fed-Ex or UPS to our corporate address.


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