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Card Pricing and Order Form

Complete this order form in order to receive your supply of cards.   Remember if you have offered paper gift certificates in the past, your store will typically sell twice as many gift cards.   The free standing wire rack in the advertising kit will prominently display three different designs of gift cards.  We recommend that your store orders at least one package of each card design.

You also have the option of imprinting the cards with your store name for an additional fee.  See the enclosed Sample Card Designs for the standard imprint location and color.

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Store Name

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Gift Card  Tool Belt
 Flower Card Cash Card
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 Standard Order.  Just send one package of each card design to my store.
UPC Code Card Design Cost Presentor Qty
009326990030 Present Card $12.50/Package (25 Cards- $.50/ea) Yes
009326990040 Tool Belt $12.50/Package (25 Cards- $.50/ea) Yes
009326990057 Flower $12.50/Package (25 Cards- $.50/ea) Yes
N/A Cash Card $6.25/Package (25 Cards- $.25/ea) No
Note: Processed orders will be assessed a $5.50 handling charge.  All billing will be through Do it Best Corp.  Allow two weeks for shipment.
Imprinting is designed for up to 25 characters. Contact Do it Best BankCard Services for any special requests.
 Imprint All Cards   Imprint Only Gift   Imprint Only Cash   No Imprint
  50 1.15 per card
  100 .75 per card
  250 .36 per card
  500 .22 per card